For Class April 16

books-whitesThis week is Book Jacket Crit. When you print out your jackets, make sure you don’t select “scale to page size” in the print dialogue box; this would make your book jacket look bizarrely large. Do print proofs before the final version to make sure your color is what you want it to be. We can meet up in the Computer Cluster at first, make sure everyone is all set, then go to Room 215C for crit as per usual.

For crit print out the front cover trimmed to size as well as the wrap jacket laid out on one sheet. You may want to either trim and place the wrap jacket on a book of the correct size or Photoshop it so we can see what it would really look like. The spine will have the title, author, and publisher name and logo. The backad (what the back cover is called in publishing circles) will have all those as well as some reviewers’ comments or a compelling synopsis (without any spoilers!) and the price and a UPC code. The front flap will have some teaser copy for the book, the back flap will have a brief bio of the author and often a photo and a credit line for you, the designer/illustrator.

You will be graded on creativity, originality, typography, illustration, layout and informational hierarchy as well as integration of type and illustration.


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